Athena Environmental Justice/ Climate Justice Table Coordinator

Remote, TX

Athena works on delivering democracy by taking on a primary impediment to a democracy that represents us all and an economy that works for everyone: We are a growing coalition of local, state-wide and national organizations tackling the corporation’s nefarious size, power, scope and operations, in particular: antimonopoly remedies; local and regional governance; data abuse, especially the racism of surveillance technologies; environmental and climate (in)justices; and working conditions. More about our coalition is at

Our coalition is comprised of 50+ organizations across the US, and internally organized in five “tables,” or mini-coalition efforts, with the following foci: 

  1. antimonopoly efforts

  2. environmental and climate justice

  3. local, municipal and regional governance 

  4. stopping surveillance

  5. worker justice

Member and allied organizations participate in one or more tables. Each table is led by two members who serve on the national coordinating committee.

The Environmental Justice/ Climate Justice table coordinator will be supervised by the EJ/CJ table leads and report to the coalition director.  


Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

Environmental Justice/ Climate Justice Table (~16-17 hours a week)

  • In collaboration with EJ/CJ table leadership (8 hours every two weeks)

    • Organize table meetings, take minutes and assist with agenda 

      • Facilitate table meetings when needed

      • Support table meetings

    • Outreach to table membership 

    • Coordinate with table leads, Athena Core, across tables and staff 

  • In collaboration with EJ/CJ table membership (8-9 hours a week)

    • Coordinate and support table members and activities

    • Facilitate table subgroups when needed

    • Work with table members to set annual goals and objectives for the EJ/CJ table.

    • Develop and manage effective governance systems and processes of the EJ/CJ table members and Athena

    • Meet with each table member to coordinate activities and deliverables. 

    • Other meetings as needed

Athena Wide (3-4 hours a week) 

  • In collaboration with Athena director 

    • Participate in one-on-one meetings with Athena Director (1 hour a week)

    • Participate in weekly Athena staff meetings (1 hour a week)

    • Participate and support Athena Core meetings (90 mins every two weeks)

    • Participate and collaborate across Athena tables (1 hour every two weeks)


The Table Coordinators ongoing and general responsibilities:

  • Supporting table members in developing and executing the campaign strategy

  • Outreach to non-participating organizations who would be good new members or partners

  • Coordinating across tables, coalition members, and with Athena staff, to develop and execute action that is more powerful than the sum of our parts

  • Coordinating political outreach across tables

  • Amplifying the work of the table member groups, Athena tables and coalition leaders

  • Developing and executing cross- table campaign work, relationship building and political education

  • Supporting the growth of the table and the coalition overall, including strong internal communications

  • Supporting a strong coalition culture, in line with our values and strategy

  • Supporting development & use of a shared narrative 

  • Supporting potential fundraising opportunities of the table and Athena members

  • Supporting transparent and strong decision-making processes in the coalition

  • An ongoing and deepening commitment to racial, gender and economic justice


Desired Qualifications:

  • Thoughtfulness, kindness, patience and good humor

  • Experience and commitment in organizing and working with grassroots leaders in environmental justice communities particularly organizing and advocacy.

  • Leadership, conflict management skills

  • Campaign experience in Environmental Justice and Climate Justice

  • Experience and understanding of environmental health

  • Experience and understanding of logistics and goods movement policy and technologies

  • Proven strategic campaign and facilitation skills

  • Commitment to developing one’s critical understanding of racial capitalism, patriarchy and the contemporary political economy

  • Excellent writing, speaking, editing, grammatical, organizational and research skills

  • Ability to work irregular hours; this job is national so both east and west coast hours are regularly required (though usually not on the same day) 

  • Assessing and analyzing budgets to find ways to minimize expenses and optimize funds 

  • Commitment to social justice, equity and anti-oppression.


This position is budgeted for up to 20 hours per week and housed at an Athena member organization. Hourly rates range from $50 to $70, depending on experience.

People of color, women, trans, and gender non-conforming people, and/or people based in rural or under-represented geographies are encouraged to apply.